CIN : U28910TN1960PLC004192
Key Facilities : In House Facilities and Capabilities
India Forge has a very large capacity to manufacture components using various technologies of metal forming which include forging, machining, welding, painting and design & development. The primary markets that India Forge serve are cars, trucks, earth moving equipment, Defence and power generation equipment. Detailed below are our key manufacturing capabilities.
Manufacturing Expertise:
Forgings : Annual Capacity - 35,000 Tons
  • Installed capacity of 35,000 Tons
  • Forging press with induction heating from 400 T to 2500 T
  • Die forging and counter blow hammers from 500 kgs to 16,000 kgs
  • Extrusion press from 250 T to 630 T
  • Ring rolling from 100 mm to 2000 mm diameter
Heat Treatment
  • Continuous normalising /hardening and tempering lines with oil, water and polymer quench
  • Batch type normalising, annealing and tempering furnaces
  • Induction Hardening machines from 35 to 100 KW
  • Complete gear cutting and finishing line
  • CNC programmed lathes
  • Vertical machining centers (VMC)
  • CNC programmed angular and cylindrical grinders
  • Broaching
  • Thread rolling
Welding/Axle Assembly
  • State-of-the-art ABB robotic welding lines for axle assembly using MIG welding
  • State-of-the-art automatic Electro Deposit (ED) paint line
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